The standard supplies for a north indian puja.  Starting from the bottom, the strings are yajna pavitra; the sacred thread.  Going clockwise from there (left) we see rice colored red with kumkum powder, then a bowl of kumkum, then a white substance that is very glittery.  Not sure what it is exactly but it is very much like the mineral mica finely ground into small flakes.  Then a more orange powder called sindur, dark red kumkum.  The yellow powder at about the 1:00 position is haldi or tumeric, then betel nuts, and then cardamon pods.  Next to the cardamon is colored string, and in the center some bright orange sindur and a small bowl of cloves.  The green is a grass like plant that is a favorite of Ganesha although I do not know its name. The only things missing are some incense sticks and camphor.