The importance of generosity

Say not, This poor man’s hunger is a heaven-sent doom. To the well-fed, too, comes death in many forms. Yet the wealth of the generous giver never dwindles, while he who refuses to give will evoke no pity.

The man with food stored up who hardens his heart against the poor man, once his benefactor, who now comes hungry and sick to beg for bread– that man, I say, will himself find no pity!

The liberal man is he who gives to the beggar who wanders in search of food, lean and forlorn; the one who helps the passerby, when asked, makes of this same a friend for days to come.

He who shares not his food with a friend, the comrade at his side, is no true friend! From such a one withdraw–no real home his! Stranger though he be, receive from another!

The powerful man should give to one in straits; let him consider the road that lies ahead! Riches revolve just like a chariot’s wheels, coming to one man now, then to another.

Rig Veda X, 117,