The Sacrifice of Daksha – Podcast #87


Daksha was a highly knowledgeable King and a son of Brahma the Creator.  As the story goes, he decided to have a big yagya and invited all the gods and goddesses with the notable exception of Shiva, because Daksha considered him to be wild and unpresentable.  But of course Shiva was married to Daksha’s daughter Sati.

That sets the stage for one of the vedic tradition’s most widely known stories.  There are a number of different versions, but essentially, when Sati heard about the yagya she wanted to go so she could see her mother and father and enjoy the festivities. Shiva discouraged her from attending, although she went anyway and what happens next is the subject of this podcast.  Shiva gets angry and creates Virabhadra to destroy Daksha’s festivities.