The Story of Subramanyam, Part 3, Podcast #84


The story of Subramanyam continues as he postpones his marriage to Vishnu’s daughters in order to attack Tarakasura.  At first it doesn’t go well and his general Veerabhahu is almost defeated and Subramanyam has to taunt Tarakasura into fighting.  When he is losing, Taraka enlists the help of the powerful Kounchanagiri who puts up a good fight.  But in the end, as one might expect Subramanyam is eventually victorious.

Soorapadhman, Tarakasura’s brother is furious at the loss and prepares for battle, but decides to send out spies first.   In the mean time, the narrative continues with some amusing stories, particularly the one about Kashyapa’s seduction so that he can father hundreds of thousands of asuras.