The Story of Subramanyam, Part 4, Podcast #85


In this episode, Kashyapa turns over the teaching of his three demon children to his wife Mayai and they soon head off to the Himalayas to perform yagyas on a very grand scale.  But Shiva, the object of their devotions, fails to show up and in desperation they start to throw themselves into the yagya fire.  After some time, Shiva rescues them and the demons gain great power.  Shukracharya, the guru for the demons gives them instructions on what to do next, justifying it with a bit of tricky philosophy.  Things are not looking good for the devas!

The chanting for this episode includes the Shiva Tandava Stotram written by Ravana, the demon who steals Sita in the Ramayana, and that is followed by the  Brahma Kadinga Padamu, which equates the feet of Vishnu with the power of Brahma the creator.