Wearing away at things


During a recent conversation with a long time yagya participant, we discussed her experience with the Foundation Yagyas.  These offer 1 day of yagya for each of Ganesha (to remove obstacles), Lakshmi (for abundance), and the Navagraha (for balance).

She had been doing the series through several years of her Saturn dasa (planetary period) and her experience had been that things in her life got incrementally better in ways that were not really noticeable on a day by day or week by week basis.

In comparison, her childhood friend who was born very near the time she was and so had a similar dasa sequence, had a very different experience.  Her Saturn dasa really wore her down and she aged considerably over the course of these years of Saturn dasa.

“I feel the yagyas protected me,” said my friend, “I feel younger, stronger, and happier.  Certainly in comparison to my friend whose life has otherwise paralleled my own in so many ways.”

Over the years I have come to much the same conclusion, that the really profound effects of yagyas are felt over longer time spans.  You may not notice much month to month, but after some time, looking back the trend is different.

I’ve added the photo of milk being poured over the Shiva lingam because this is much the same process.  If you do a good puja every day for a year, the results are amazing.  But each day…you feel like you a simply pouring milk over a rock.